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Reel LT Seal Care

Reel LT Seal Care

In case of oil leaks with spool LT seal maintenance, the seals are changed. In this way, possible malfunctions are prevented. There are two types of rollers in the crawler walking system, the carrier and the walking system. The walking roller carries the machine on pallets. It guides the work machines along the pallet. It is responsible for the smooth running of the machine. The carrier roller carries the pallet between the idler and the sprocket and guides the pallet. Both reels have felt element as sealing element. Oil leaks may occur in these parts, which are called double conical seals. In these cases, various malfunctions occur and the running gear of the construction machine is damaged. Malfunctions can be prevented with felt maintenance.

Reel LT seal maintenance is very important. The seals are located between the bushing and the pin. Prevents abrasive particles from entering. They are also elements that carry side loads. The life of the seals should be equal to the rotation life of the pin-bush. The important part is that it does not lose its flexibility during this period. It uses steel felts on dry pallets. With the use of these, there is an increase of 30 percent in the inner wear life of the pin-bush. They are conical shaped washers and are used in pairs. The felts in the pods are attached to their slots. In assembly, the two come to one side. A total of 4 felts are used for each pin, two of which come to the other side. While the pallet chain is being formed, the conical washers from pressing become flat. It acts as a felt in this area.

When the roller LT seal is maintained, malfunctions are prevented. The washers are designed in such a way that they do not wear out the bushing and link if they are worn. Steel felts are not used for the second time. Therefore, changes are necessary. On oily pallets, the felts designed to prevent pin-bushing inner wear prevent the lubricating oil from leaking out. Side loads are absorbed at this time. Felt set consists of rubber ring and plastic felt. It ensures that the felt bush presses with equal force from all sides. Therefore, the maintenance of felts is very important. The maximum working temperature of the felts can be 70 degrees. At higher temperatures, it loses its felt property. Or its life will be shortened more quickly.

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