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Chain Bushing Turning

Chain Bushing Turning

With the chain bushing turning process, the worn bushings of the chains are reversed. In this way, the unused parts become usable. This is a process that extends the life of the chain. Bushes are very important in the walking mechanism. Bushings, which are one of the elements that make up the pallet chain, move with pins. A movable mast is created with the pin. In this way, the ingress of dirt is prevented, especially on oily pallets. The bushing system, which connects the links to each other, adds flexibility to the pallet according to the terrain. One of its most important contributions is its sealing. The signs that wear out over time cannot fulfill this task. Instead of renewing, the parts that are worn with the bush reversing process are replaced with unused solid parts. This will be effective in providing the desired efficiency of the chain.

Chain bushing rotation extends the life of the track chain. Bushes have pods in their structure. The bushings between the two links are installed in such a way that the pin passes through them. It is necessary for the rim gear to move to the track bush while the work machine is running. Dry pallets have steel felts on the edges of the bushings. In oiled pallet models, there are special elastic felts and the bushing structure is sealed in this way. Bushings are generally cold drawn from low carbon steel. Cold drawn bushings have smoother inner and outer surfaces. The same bush turning process can also be used in this type of work machines.

The chain bushing turning process provides the repair of the walking mechanism at more affordable costs. Bushings may wear out over time. In addition to negativities such as cracks or breakage of parts, looseness may occur in the sockets of the bushings. In case of failures other than rupture and cracking, the unused parts are brought to the usable direction with the pallet chain bushing turning process. In this way, the bushings continue to work efficiently on the walking gear of the pallets as renewed. Faults that may be encountered in the bushings include wear on the vertical surface, off-center wear, loosening, forehead wear, circumferential wear at the ends, cracking of the bushing face. In all these cases, pallet chain bushing reversing is performed. In this way, the bushing system continues to work without any problems. If there are no cracks in the bushing, if the felts have sufficient life, the turning process can also be done with oil.

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