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Idler Submerged Welding Filler

Idler Submerged Welding Filler

Direction submerged arc filling is one of the most widely used welding methods with high welding speed and melting power in today's industry. This method is very suitable for welding iron and its alloys. This method, which is used in the manufacture of areas such as boilers, pressure vessels, ships, profiles, is also used intensively in filling processes. This submerged arc welding technique, in which the welding wire is extracted from a bobbin, is pushed to the seam between the reels driven by a motor. There is an arc between the wire, which takes the necessary current for the arc from the nozzle, and the workpiece. With the heat emerging between the workpiece and the welding hand, a part of the base metal and the wire melts. In this way, the submerged arc welding method provides the desired union. This method has been given this name because the arc is constantly burning under the pile of dust.

Advantages of Direction Submerged Welding Filler

Direction submerged arc filling provides advantages in many areas of use. Chief among these is its high welding power and speed. The current strength used in this method is between 200 and 2000 amps. In multi-wire techniques, this value goes up to 3000 amps. This results in a high melting force. In addition, the welding speed is adjusted between 6 and 300 m/h. Therefore, this method has an incomparably high welding speed. Another advantage of the submerged arc welding method is the high penetration. With the high welding current intensity, 18 mm thick parts can be welded in one pass without heavy opening in this method. In addition to these, energy saving is also a very important advantage. In this direction, a large part of the electrical energy is used for welding with the submerged arc filling method. As a percentage, we see a rate of 68 percent.

Electrode savings are also achieved with the direction submerged arc welding filler. There is no bounce loss in this method. By using a wire electrode, a loss such as electrode residue does not occur. With the submerged arc welding revisions, which provide a safe and neat weld seam, the weld area is covered properly and effectively. It is also very important that the welding factor does not affect the quality of the weld seam. Apart from these, the advantages of submerged arc welding filler include high arc stability, no need for special protective equipment.

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