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Idler Submerged Welding Filler

Direction submerged arc filling is one of the most widely used welding methods with high welding speed and melting power in today's industry.


Chain Bushing Turning

With the chain bushing turning process, the worn bushings of the chains are reversed. In this way, the unused parts become usable. This is a process that extends the life of the chain. Bushes are very important in the walking mechanism. Bushings, whi


Reel LT Seal Care

In case of oil leaks with spool LT seal maintenance, the seals are changed. In this way, possible malfunctions are prevented. There are two types of rollers in the crawler walking system, the carrier and the walking system. The walking roller carries



Offering services in the field of construction equipment pallets and parts, Oflaz Palet manufactures products and services that will meet the needs in this field exactly. The company, which constantly improves itself over time, renews itself to meet the increase in demand in business volume.

The company, which continues its activities with the goals of quality product production and service delivery, proceeds in a controlled manner at every stage of its work. It provides services with its staff that has a professional perspective in the sector, and has a command of the changing technological equipment due to its corporate identity.

Our Features Why Choose Us

Worldwide Locations

Our company, which operates as an international trade, storage and supply center, offers services in many different countries.

Quality and Commitment

Keeping our transparent and reliable working pace by keeping up with innovations day by day is another of our goals.

24/7 Customer Support

Each of the services provided by our company is designed with a focus on satisfaction.

100% Safe Delivery

In addition to receiving reliable and healthy service, you can experience many privileges of getting service from a constantly developing company with our corporate company.

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The Worlds Largest Construction Equipment

The Worlds Largest Construction Equipment

The world's largest construction equipment can be counted among the largest construction equipment ever produced. Apart from the advantages they provide in the areas of use with their working mechanisms, functions and designs, they also have many fan

Construction Machinery Pallet Production

Construction Machinery Pallet Production

Construction equipment pallet production may vary according to the construction equipment used. There are two options for materials, metal and rubber. Metal pallet production is the most used type. It is mostly made of steel. Besides being the most i

Tracked Walking System

Tracked Walking System

Tracked walking systems are machines that carry themselves on their way. These systems are preferred instead of machines with rubber wheels, which are insufficient in operations such as pushing, ripping, dismantling and excavation.

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