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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Palette?

In what is pallet research, you come across a vehicle movement mechanism consisting of more than one row of wheels and a belt stretched around them. The ground contact surface of the belt is much larger than a single wheel. This prevents the vehicle from getting stuck on soft floats. The components of these assemblies, also known as undercarriage, include sprockets, track belts, suspension pulleys, road wheels, idler pulleys. In this area, the torque on the sprockets in the mechanism is limited when steering tracked vehicles. Construction machines using this system have a more balanced and safe working system. The pallet tension is adjusted according to the ground differences and thus the mobility of the machine increases and a much more efficient working system is obtained.

How to Do Submerged Arc Welding Revision?

In your research on how to do submerged arc welding, it is seen that this technique has a very high welding speed and melting power. This method, which was first used in the USA in 1933, is very suitable for welding iron and its alloys. The powder weld technique used in processes such as profiles, boilers, pressure vessels and ships, passes through the nozzles and rollers activated by the wire motor and reaches the seam, thanks to the welding from a coil. This arc temperature between the workpiece and the welding wire melts some of the base metal. The machine, which generally applies the submerged arc welding method, is mounted on a vehicle moving on a pallet. The speed of the tool remains constant throughout the welding process. Thanks to this high welding power and speed, a high melting power is obtained. This gives working efficiency with advantages such as high penetration, energy saving, electrode saving, safe and smooth welding seam.

Does the Track Chain Break?

It can be seen that such problems are encountered in your research if the pallet chain breaks. The loud noise coming from the engine while the vehicle is running may indicate that this chain has been broken. The sound is similar to the sound of a bicycle. If the pallet chain is not changed on time, the pallet inside may break. If you continue to use it in this way, serious mechanical failures may occur in the vehicle. These chains, which are the main elements of the undercarriage in general, constitute an endless path to the machine. The main elements of this chain are the links. The links are mutually connected with bushings and pins to form track chains. These links facilitate the removal of the pallet. Besides, it provides load transmission between bushing and link in pins. In case of any breakage, these parts can be changed and the chain can be restored to its former efficiency.

What is a idler?

You will see an element guiding the pallet about what is a idler. This element also helps carry the weight of the machine from time to time. And it also adjusts the pallet tension. It is among the idler's duties to prevent the pallet chain from being dislodged, to ensure that the pallet runs smoothly, to adjust the pallet tension, and to assist in the unwinding and wrapping of the pallet. The link surfaces work on the outside of this element that directs the pallet group. This surface, which has an omega cross-section, is welded to the body. The idler, which connects the balancing of the pallet, prevents the pallet from being dislodged during turns. These wheels do not move from anywhere. It runs idly as a idler and is used in the maintenance of 10-30 number oils.

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