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Carrier Roller

The carrier roller is the element that carries the pallet between the sprocket and the idler. It also guides the pallet. The carrier rollers, which have the main task of being transported on the pallet without leaving the chassis, are fixed to a support with a spindle clamp. Apart from this support fixed by the pallet frame, the pallet carrier rollers must also be aligned with the idler and sprocket. Carrier roller parts include:

* Body and shaft

* Bearer and bushing

* Bushing and fence lip felt

* O-ring and plug

* Cover and washer

Carrier Roller Features

In the production phase of the carrier roller, the wear life of the rollers on the back of the sleeve is compatible with the life of the link. It is important that the sleeve back and flanges are suitable for revision. Many of its internal parts are manufactured in such a way that these reels are reusable and do not need lubrication and maintenance throughout their life. Small conveyor roller variants are produced as a single piece of cast iron. These are not revised. Medium and large sized machines have sleeves located in the reel body. Bearings and shafts of these rollers, which do not require lubrication throughout their life, are designed to carry heavy loads. Carrier roller models, which need to be checked for abrasion, physical, construction site connection bolts of the rollers and oil leakage, are offered at different price ranges.

Carrier Failures and Repairs

Malfunctions may occur in the carrier roller parts due to different reasons. Faults that occur include tread wear, irregular wear on flange edges, off-centre tread wear, ridge bundling. In response to these problems, when the service limit is reached in the carrier roller repair works, the roller sleeves are replaced. Or it can be revised. Elimination of controllable accelerating factors is also among the studies that can provide repair. If it cannot be eliminated, reducing it may also work for you. The rollers can be changed for balancing. It can be offered in different price ranges according to the usage area. Carrier roller system, which is very important parts for usage areas, allows the machines to move on the pallet more easily. It consists of different parts in itself. Selection of quality and guaranteed products is very important in the production of such parts. In this way, long-lasting and efficient use can be achieved.

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